The Vault

Help us democratize access to the financial system, making it equitable, transparent, and secure.

Large parts of the population DO NOT have access to traditional bank accounts - they are Unbanked. 55 million people in the US and nearly 2 billion people globally are excluded from the financial system.

Because they’re Unbanked, it costs them US$ 3,000 yearly to NOT have a bank account. This has to stop! #GetBanked
The Problem

It costs $3,000 to NOT have a bank account!

Not Inclusive
People are being excluded from the financial system in the United States because of their socio-economic status, nationality, lack of English proficiency and even race and ethnicity.
Moral Hazard
Banks, the gatekeepers of the financial system, are exploiting a moral hazard and have a nearly unlimited tolerance for risk in the pursuit of profits off of their customers’ money.
Banks don't have an incentive to change the system to be more inclusive and are spending BILLIONS on campaign contributions and processes to maintain the status quo

Your Digital Safety Deposit Box With Your Anti-Bank - Operating Without A Banking License

Equitable Access
Removing institutional barriers, ‘The Vault’ is open for anyone. The Vault provides fair and full access for all humans, regardless of income, background, nationality, credit history, or family, legal or residency status.

Unexpected and access-limiting fees for overdrafts and minimum balances, don’t exist. Our customer terms and policies are written in plain language for all to understand. Our customers are part of a community of stakeholders we serve, along with our employees, investors and the environment.
By design, the Vault is a safe place for money, financial data, and other personal information. Our technology maintains these valuable assets safe from theft, loss, fraud and abuse. We will never sell customer information and are committed to consumer financial privacy.

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